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Friends, Family Hold Out Hope for Hundreds Still Missing in Wildfires

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SANTA ROSA -- It's been such a difficult time for the family and friends of Florent Ferly.

He arrived from France earlier this month and visited area vineyards with two of his friends, but his family hadn't heard from him since early Sunday, hours before the huge fires erupted.

Family friend Clemence Guinet, spoke on behalf of Florent's family who are all in France.

The not-knowing is particularly difficult for his mother.

"Really worried. And then she heard that we had fatalities," Ginet said. "She told me she's taking everyday for updates the names and people who didn't make it."

But like a handful of those FOX40 contacted Thursday while putting together this report, they received the best news after long days of uncertainty.

Early Thursday afternoon, Florent contacted his sister in France to say he was safe and in good health.

But for some many others still waiting word that their loved ones are alive and okay, the uncertainty is torturous.

"She was in good health, so were hoping shes just at a shelter that doesn't have phone service yet," Crystal Coudo said.

For Coudo and her family, they haven't heard from their 75-year-old grandmother, Ellen and her husband, Bob.

They were last seen evacuating their home, which remains intact.

"It's really worrisome," she said. "I'm really grateful for all the people in the community who are coming forward and trying to help."

But until the family knows their loved ones are OK, that gut-wrenching worry continues.

"I don't wanna know what life is like without her, you know?" Coudo said. "She's just the kind of person that you feel good around, you know? She's a really special lady."

The family prays the ending to their story is a happy one - the same outcome, they hope, for all the others who are also waiting.

Any information on the whereabouts of those reported missing, should contact local authorities.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Ellen & Bob Pearson, the family can be reached at: