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One Man Reunited with His Cat as Many Other Evacuees Continue to Search for Lost Pets

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SONOMA COUNTY -- At least 65 animals have ended up at the Sonoma County Animal Services main shelter as a result of the massive Tubbs Fire in the Santa Rosa area.

Tense moments at Sonoma County Animal Services - Ed Ratliff is looking for his cat.

But this isn't any search for any lost cat, on any regular day.

It's four days after the start of the Tubbs fire which swept through Santa Rosa devouring almost 3000 homes ... Ratliff's in the Fountain Grove area ... among them.

"We had about 30 secs ... and all I got was my car," he said.

He knows a Buddha statue survived the flames, but he couldn't find his 6-year-old kitty companion at 'go' time.

What's so special about Milo?

"He's awesome. He's like a dog. I'm not a cat person ... he comes and pets you. You call him -- he comes."

Since the fire. a relative in Southern California has been scouring online animal sources looking for Milo and this afternoon found his photograph posted by Sonoma County Animal Services - suffering from burnt paws but very much alive.

"The community connects the dots for us and with us so that people like Ed can come in and get a little piece of the life that they had ... still with them," said Monica Argenti with Sonoma County Animal Services.

"Today has been a really bad day. It doesn't really set in takes awhile to set in and today it kind of set in ... so this ... was kind of a light for him," said Ed's daughter-in-law Kim Ratliff.

Donations of food and animal dishes have been pouring into the shelter.

What they really need is money or gift cards to keep up with all the medical care for the animals.

You can find out how to give on their website.

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