Photographer Captures Eerie Scene as Postal Worker Delivers Mail to Devastated Santa Rosa Neighborhood

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SANTA ROSA -- An aerial cinematographer captured an eerie scene Tuesday, flying a drone above a postal worker delivering mail in a Santa Rosa neighborhood devastated by fire.

“It was a trippy thing — he was actually delivering the mail,” Douglas Thron told the San Jose Mercury News.

Thron has done drone photography for the Discovery Channel, TIME Magazine and major real estate firms, among others.

“I’ve covered wildfires and floods before and I’ve never seen anything like it. I’d see areas that were totally fine, but then get to Fountaingrove Inn and The Hilton and see them wiped-out," he told the newspaper. "It was unbelievable.”

The image is incredible. The instantly recognizable, white USPS truck driving through a neighborhood coated in ash -- delivering mail to burnt husks that were once homes.

As for why the postal worker kept to his route, the USPS San Francisco District Manager Noemi Luna gave this statement to the Mercury News:

"This is an example of the long standing relationship that has been established between our carriers and their customers based on trust. The carrier in question was honoring a request by a few customers who were being let back in the fire zone to retrieve personal items. A few customers asked the carrier to leave their mail if the mailbox was still standing because they could not get to the annex to retrieve it." 

Since the Tubbs Fire began Sunday, it has become one of the deadliest and most destructive fires in California history.

At least 23 people have died and 3,500 homes and businesses have been destroyed since Sunday, as wind-whipped wildfires continue to ravage Northern California.

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