State Leaders Visit Sonoma County’s Wildfire Evacuees

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SANTA ROSA -- With the fires continuing to burn in Northern California, Governor Jerry Brown and Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris met Saturday with residents who are pushing through the devastation.

Governor Brown spoke to the people at the town hall in Santa Rosa High School, explaining the immensity of the wildfires and their impact on California's history.

"This is truly one of the greatest, if not the greatest tragedy that California has ever faced," Brown said.

Brown knew the work was far from over but said he was committed to help all those who have been affected, even going as far as saying if anyone had any trouble to call his office.

"We’re not out of the woods yet, there is still fires burning, there is still danger," Brown said. "People need to not come to the conclusion that they don’t need to be on the alert. People need to move when they are told, and they need to take it very seriously."

The governor's statements came on the heels of more evacuation orders in the area, with many residents still unsure of their status as fires burned around them.

The leaders then held a town hall with a large group of residents, urging them to keep pushing and assuring them that they will not stop their efforts to provide funding and resources, especially for those on the front lines.

"The danger is still very present and we all should be very thankful for the California firefighters who have come from all over the state, some working 80-hour shifts to ensure that we can mitigate the damage and bring people to safety," Senator Harris said.

People in the crowd held onto every word, writing them down, filled with questions about when they can go home or how to get started in the rebuilding process, questions organizations like FEMA tried to answer in the town hall session. As cheers filled the room, it was clear that having state leaders present was a step in the right direction.