Red Cross Denies Donations Left Yuba County After Social Media Post Claims They Were Sent Across Country

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YUBA COUNTY -- The Red Cross on Sunday said claims posted on social media this week about donations for Yuba County fire victims being packed up and transported across the country are not true.

"At the end of the day, if we have items leftover, they are not going to be shipped out of state," says Red Cross' Heath Wakelee.

The items that have been donated are to assist fire victims from the devastating Cascade Fire in the county.

The Red Cross says as of Sunday there are about 15 people at the Yuba Sutter fairgrounds -- an evacuation site for the fire.

At the peak of the fire, there were about 50 people using the fairgrounds and donations there earlier in the week, Wakelee said.

The concern was that the items were intended for local victims and sending them elsewhere was not the point.

Yuba County spokesperson Russ Brown tells FOX40 that some of the items, including clothing and toiletries, have been moved to the Loma Rica Foothills Lions Club and others have moved to a local warehouse.

"Some people love the Red Cross, and there are others who are critics, all it takes are the critics to start talking, and it's not accurate information," Brown says.

All evacuation orders for the Cascade Fire were lifted Saturday.