After the Cascade Fire, Loma Rica Community Begins Rebuilding

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LOMA RICA -- Victims of the Cascade Fire have turned to the Foothills Lions Club in Loma Rica for help.

It is now been just over a week since the Cascade Fire destroyed more than 100 homes and killed four people trying to flee the flames.

Monday, the Loma Rica Lions Club offered clothing and other supplies outside of its building with constant reinforcement from Red Cross bringing in more supplies throughout the afternoon.

Inside, the Federal Emergency Management team assisted victims trying to get financial support to rebuild their lives in their homes.

Moni Armstrong says she lost her home and her other family's home on the property during the fire. She told FOX40 the Loma Rica Lions Club has been a blessing and she hopes to get help from FEMA because she says the trailer that she was living in was too old to be insured.

She added that she can't believe the generosity from her community and after living here for five years and not knowing a lot of people, she says this is been a blessing in disguise.

"Being able to actually meet up with people, it's been really nice," she said. "Kind of weird to say, have them slow down enough to talk to them."

The Lions Club says that while they been receiving a surplus of supplies, what they really need is money for people in the community and they've set up a bank account at the Umpqua Bank in Marysville. All people have to do is  go in and say they are donating for the Loma Rica Disaster Fund.