Animals Evacuated from Shelter during Atlas Fire Can Return Home

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VACAVILLE -- A dozen roosters, a thousand hens, a couple of goats and a 100-pound pot belly pig are ready to be adopted after being forced to leave their Vacaville shelter during the Atlas fire.

"We knew when it came within five miles of the property with the winds pushing in our direction," Vacaville Animal Place manager Jan Geleazzi said. "We knew it was time to evacuate."

Within just a couple of hours, the animals were loaded into crates and trailers. Workers drove them to a Grass Valley sanctuary ranch where 300 of the shelter's animals live permanently.

"It's very unsettling and you know we take care of the animals first. My partner and I, Rocky, we each packed an overnight bag and we walked away from our home and all of our belongings, but we knew all of our animals were going to be safe," Geleazzi said.

But after nearly a week, Geleazzi can breathe a sigh of relief. The fire never reached their Vacaville property. It's now time to round up their animals and head back to a home that's still standing.

"A home that's intact, and we can continue doing what we are doing," Geleazzi said.

The non-profit Animal Place is looking for volunteers to clean chicken coops and help move animals into crates. The shelter asks those interested in helping to contact them first.