Collide Art Festival Hopes to Bring Different Art Forms, People Together

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STOCKTON -- Live music, painting and slam poetry are just some of the art forms colliding in downtown Stockton this week as part of Stockton's Art Week.

Art has many forms, but this week, Stockton is providing a home for the diversity of art.

The city of Stockton and Goodstock Productions have collaborated on a five-day event named Collide, bringing people from all over the city to DeCarli Square in downtown Stockton.

"Trying to celebrate all that is Stockton, showcase the talents in the city. So Collide is kind of a different kinds of arts and people, culture, coming together," said Anne Wilcox, co-owner of Goodstock Productions.

Live music, painting, poetry and dance are just a few of the types of art set to be showcased each day.

"We are trying to get people to think outside the box and come together in a way they wouldn’t normally, in a place they wouldn’t come normally as well," said Amy Sieffert, co-owner of Goodstock Productions.

Colliding worlds with a hope that it draws more people to take an interest in the arts.

"I want people to be inspired. Inspired to yes, do things themselves, but have hope in their city and whatever it is you’ve wanted to do, just do it. I know it’s not that easy, but there’s so many people who have talent and they’re not stopping, so don’t let it stop you," Sieffert said.

The event is set to end Friday, when 10 teams of non-artists, like barbers and city workers, will have 30 minutes to create art from items in a mystery box, with a panel of judges selecting the winner.


"It’s kind of like 'Chopped,' but for art, and so we are really excited to see what they come up with," Wilcox said.

Bringing the city together, one stroke and note at a time.

The event runs every day this week from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.