Police Marijuana Enforcement Team Raids South Sacramento Home

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SACRAMENTO -- Police say they found hundreds of marijuana plants and thousands of dollars in cash inside a home along Collingswood Street in South Sacramento.

Neighbor George Jones says he was shocked to learn of what was allegedly happening in his neighbor's house.

"There was no indication of this. These people, you never see them. The house looks well kept. It looks like somebody painted the house, It's a brand new fence. Look at the wooden fence. it's a brand new fence," Jones said. "If I walked by this house, I would think, wow, someone was trying to bring the neighborhood up a little bit. Unfortunately, I can't see what inside."

Police say behind closed doors and multiple fences was a major pot operation, with sales often crossing state lines.

"What they can sell here, they can make almost double in another state," Detective Eddie Macauley said.

Two people were arrested.