Students Return to Class After Atlas Fire Burns Through Solano County

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SOLANO COUNTY -- Days after the Atlas Fire burned through Solano County, students have been given the go-ahead to return to class, but some parents are still concerned about the air quality in the area.

With the raising of the flag, Suisun Valley School is back in session. For these kindergarten through eighth grade students, it's their first day back in class in more than a week.

"We are happy we can go back to school, and now my daughter too, we can bring them back to school and do our routine," said parent Maritza Villa.

A routine that had been interrupted by the Atlas Fire. It forced evacuations and scorched thousands of acres in Solano and Napa counties. And while the wildfire is no longer a threat to the community, some parents are concerned about the lingering smoke.

"Yeah, kinda, it might affect in some way or another. My daughter goes back to school today too. I would like them to have to stay inside," Villa said.

The school district's administration says they do have masks available for any students who need one, but they are also keeping an eye on Air Now. The website shows air quality and will help determine how much exposure students should have to the outdoors.

Joe Turner's daughter, Fantasia, brought her own mask to school.

"She wanted to wear it today, but I didn't think she need to, you know, but she was like, 'I'm going to wear it,'" Turner said.

Even behind the mask, Fantasia couldn't hide the excitement of coming back to school.

"It feels good. I really wanted to come back to school," she said.

The school district says they will have counselors on hand to speak with any students who may have been affected by the wildfire.