Teens Break Into, Trash Recently Purchased Turlock Home; Beads, Glitter, Jello Shots Left Behind

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TURLOCK -- Police in Turlock said dozens of teens brought jello shots, beads and glitter to a party at a home on High Street Saturday night.

Neighbor Ignacio Palanco said some of the kids approached him before the party and told him about it.

"I told them, 'Are you going to make the party here?' (and they said) 'No, no, no, the corner,' they say," Palanco told FOX40.

What Palanco says they didn't tell him was the party was inside a home they weren't supposed to be in.

"They lied to me," he said.

Turlock Police say the currently-vacant home is in escrow. The kids got in by breaking the back window, according to investigators.

"That's wrong because, I mean, the people that own the house, I'm sure they gotta pay for that because the kids ain't," neighbor James Ayers said.

Police added one teen boldly showed up to the party with a bottle of booze after officers had already responded. He was arrested.

The rest of the teens were held at the home until their parents could come pick them up.