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Apple Hill Growers Files Suit Against Boa Vista Orchard

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PLACERVILLE -- The nonprofit group behind Apple Hill is suing a nearby orchard over trademark infringement.

The suit against El Dorado Orchards Inc., known more widely as Boa Vista Orchards, accuses the group of misappropriating the Apple Hill name.

Boa Vista's website calls the farm an "Apple Hill Tradition Since 1915." The name "Apple Hill" was trademarked by Apple Hill Growers in 1964.

Boa Vista and its owners, the Visman family, once belonged to Apple Hill Growers and they were allowed to sell Apple Hill products

The Sacramento Business Journal reports that in 2013, Boa Vista was accused of "improper use of the Apple Hill mark" and "lack of loyalty." The orchard was killed out of Apple Hill Growers in 2014.

Apple Hill Growers filed its suit after Boa Vista continued to use the Apple Hill name and brand.

The Visman family responded in a statement to FOX40:

"Apple Hill is a geographic area in California. Everyone who grows crops there has a right to use the term."