Fund Established for Victims of Cascade Fire without Insurance

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YUBA COUNTY -- Yuba County Supervisor Mike Leahy says he is helping out people impacted by the Cascade Fire by starting a fund for under-insured and uninsured victims.

Yuba County says 143 homes were destroyed in the fire.

Leahy says he started the fund -- which so far has raised $85,000 from local businesses -- because he was a victim of a fire in the early '90s that took his apartment and most of his possessions.

Leahy says at some point he will announce a cutoff date for both financial and tangible donations in order to distribute them.

"I'm asking businesses, and business leaders, and government leaders to step up and help out above what FEMA and other agencies are doing," Leahy said.

Anyone interested in donating to his fund is encouraged to contact his office.

Wednesday, the Yuba County Government Assistance Center in Marysville opened its doors to fire victims.

The center is offering help from the DMV, Social Security office and other agencies where people can re-obtain lost documents.

Tuesday morning, the Yuba County Board of Supervisors waived permit fees for those who will rebuild on the property where the fire took their homes.

The county's permits normally run about $5,000 to $5,200, said County Planner Tony Gon.

The waived fees do not include property taxes for local schools.