Man Found GoPro in American River, the Power of Social Media Helped Him Track Down the Owner

SACRAMENTO -- Karl Bly lives in Carmichael -- his house backs up to the American River. Last week he took a kayak out on the water to take his son to school and they found a GoPro.

On Thursday morning, Bly posted on Facebook that he found the camera in the water and it had 1,600 pictures on it. He was hoping to find the owner.

Through the power of social media his post was shared more than 200,000 times, and within a day or two the owner of the camera was found.

The owner, Chynna Phillips, said she was in a boat on the American River in July when she was pushed off and lost the GoPro. She posted on Facebook that she was so happy to get it back because she hadn't backed up some of the photos.

Bly mailed the camera to Phillips, who lives in San Francisco, over the weekend.

Bly has been finding things in the river and returning them to their owners since he was 10 years old. This summer, he actually found another GoPro and got it back to the owner, thanks to Facebook.

Bly is currently looking for the owner of a rowboat that he found on the river.