Educator, Foster Parent Honored at Women of the Year Ceremony

WOODLAND -- Thirty-seven woman were honored Thursday at the Annual Women of the Year Awards ceremony in Woodland.

Susan Scott is just one of them.

"Here's a woman that has really been at the heart of her community. A teacher and foster care, and then making sure the kids in the community have an opportunity to succeed," U.S. Rep. John Garamendi, who hosted the ceremony, said.

For the last 26 years, Scott has worked for the Marysville Unified School District. In fact, Scott loves kids so much that she became a foster parents.

Over the years, she has taken in more than two dozen children in need of a safe place to sleep, eat and live.

"One standout that I had was able to go on and continue with her education and she is a doctor now, and that makes me feel very proud to have her represent in my home," Scott said.

The 36 other women represent eight different counties in California, each with their own stories of selflessness, commitment and dedication.

"Women are the foundation of the community. They are the ones that holds the families together," Garamendi said. "The'yre the ones that hold the community. All too often they are not recognized, so today we get to recognize them."