Unsettling Surveillance Video Shows Stranger Approaching Teen Girls

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ELK GROVE -- It was a close call for two Elk Grove teens on Tuesday evening after a man was waiting in front of their home, and when the girls parked in their driveway, the man approached the car from the driver's side.

The man reportedly peered in the back window, then the front, and just stared at the two girls inside, but it was enough to scare them -- even with the windows rolled up and the doors locked.

The entire incident, which happened about 8:15 p.m. Tuesday was caught on the family's surveillance cameras. The family had just installed the system two weeks prior.

As the man was pacing back and forth on the driver's side, one of the girls called their father who was inside waiting for them to come home. The father is later seen on the surveillance video coming out and confronting the man before making sure he left their property.

Police call it a crime of opportunity, and are telling the public to be alert and  be aware of your surroundings when coming home.

Recently, there have been three similar reports in Elk Grove of people lying in wait for when residents come home, and then they are confronted and robbed.

Sacramento County has also seen a rash of this type of crime in the past year, most of suspects are armed. The man on Tuesday did not brandish any type of weapon.

The girls' mother, Charlotte Rieger, had just spoken to her daughters about what to do in a similar type of situation and was very proud of how they handled it.

"They did everything right, and I couldn't have asked for better examples," she said.

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