Sign Honoring Fallen Stanislaus Sheriff’s Deputy Burned

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HUGHSON -- A sign honoring fallen Stanislaus County Sheriff's Deputy Dennis Wallace outside the Hughson Sports and Fitness Complex was vandalized at some point Thursday afternoon, investigators said.

"I couldn’t believe what I had heard but I guess down deep inside, it was bound to happen. It was too easy of a target here for anyone that would think of anything like that," Jose Ramos, Wallace's brother-in-law, told FOX40. "But, now it did happen and it’s just heartbreaking, very discouraging to think someone would do something like that, within such a short period of time since we put it up there."

According to the sheriff's department, the picture of Wallace was damaged sometime between 2:30 and 5 p.m. Thursday. Parts of his face, badge and patch were burned.

It happened at the very complex Wallace used to coach soccer while off duty.

"It brings back a little bit of hurt. It feels somewhat like he was taken again from us," Ramos said.

Wallace was shot and killed execution-style on Nov. 13, 2016.

Wallace's family has asked images of the burned sign not be shown. Meanwhile, investigators do not have any leads.

"I just hope, I hope that the person who did this thinks about it, thinks about the damage it causes, and it’ll be sad, it’ll be even more disheartening to find out if it’s one of our little ones here or whoever it is, doesn’t matter," Ramos said.

Amanda Young, who was in charge of putting the sign up, says a new one has already been ordered and should be in place in the next two weeks. Young says pavers for the memorial garden are still available. Funds from those sales will go toward purchasing security cameras for the memorial. For more information, email