New Natomas Walgreens Will Not Be Opening Its Doors

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NATOMAS -- What if you build it and you don't come?

The Walgreens at 1630 West El Camino Ave. won't be opening after all.

In a statement to FOX40, a company spokesperson only said they made the "difficult decision not to open this store."

The shelves and registers were up. The Walgreens sign was waiting to be unwrapped. Even the bell for the pharmacy drive-thru was on.

Eli Paul is in the area often. He says he saw the big box trucks show up, the already-stocked shelves were emptied and then the trucks were gone.

"Yeah people would walk in there and try to open that door thinking it was going to open," Paul said. "But that's when the stuff was in there."

The city of Sacramento seems to be taken by surprise as well.

While Walgreens is not saying why their doors will remain closed, that's opening the door to speculation that an audit notice from the city might have something to do with it. It claims $1,747 dollars in tax due.

Still, it's hard to imagine that sum could derail a corporate giant from opening in what promised to be a lucrative location.