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Sacramento Comic Book Store Hosts Mini-Con for Local Female Artists

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SACRAMENTO -- Empire's Comics Vault played host to a unique comic convention Saturday by honoring some of the region's local female artists.

Ben Schwartz, the owner of the comic book store, said he launched Creative Women Mini-Con after he noticed "women were very underrepresented" at other, larger conventions.

This was the fifth year that Schwartz and Empire's Comics put on the free convention.

"I come here because Ben just does such a great thing for the community by having events like Creative Women Mini-Con," said Sarah Kraft, a Sacramento-based illustrator and storyteller. "He wants to make sure people know that his store is a safe space for all people."

Thirteen local women and girls sold their pieces and spoke with fans.

Many artists and creatives in attendance were already veterans of the event.

"For me, networking and getting to know all of the women and see how the veterans are doing it, trying to make my way up in the world," said artist Kassandra Gamez.