Calaveras Unified School Teachers Remain on Strike as Elementary Students Return to Class

SAN ANDREAS -- While students were back in class at San Andreas Elementary School on Monday, their teachers were not.

Teachers were instead outside, picketing for the third straight day.

"We all feel really bad about that but we are looking at the bigger picture. It's not just about today and today's students but students of the future in Calaveras Unified," Calaveras Unified Educators Association President Lorraine Angel told FOX40.

Teachers in the district want a six percent raise and reduced class sizes.

The school district says they have agreed to reduce class sizes in kindergarten through the third grade. They have also offered a two percent raise, which teachers say is not enough.

"Saturday, we felt like we made some movement," Angel said. "They came up with some creative ideas, we worked on both sides to do that. We are getting a little bit closer."

Close, but not close enough.

After being closed Thursday and Friday, six elementary schools in the district are back open while the middle and high schools remain closed.

Calaveras Unified School District Superintendent Mark Campbell issued a statement to FOX40 on Monday:

CUSD and CUEA remain in negotiations, ongoing today. We remain hopeful that we can reach a resolution and this is our primary objective today so we can get teachers. Elementary school sites will continue to be open. If we can secure staffing to open middle and high school, we will do so.

Elementary school parents say they are relieved some their schools are back open.

"I'm just glad they are back in school and I hope they give the teachers what they want," parent Parisah Jesus said.

They hope both sides can reach an agreement quickly.

"I just hope they can come to a conclusion and take care of our teachers," parents Dolores Crawford said. "They work really hard. They deserve it."