Sacramento Neighborhood Known for Extravagant Halloween Decorations Scales Things Back

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SACRAMENTO -- An Arden-Arcade street known for elaborate Halloween decorations is scaling back this year, after the neighborhood says the crowds have become too much.

The sign at La Sierra and San Ramon Way says it all, "Boo Hoo, No Road Closure, No Pirate House, Thanks for the Halloween Memories."

“When we moved in this was like the Halloween street,” said Trina Hoogendyk.

Hoogendyk is as disappointed as anyone that some of her neighbors are opting out of decorating their homes for Halloween. But she understands why.

“From what I was told, there were people that would bus in, and it was becoming a lot,” Hoogendyk said.

For the past decade, two houses became known as the pirate ships.

“They had like a zip line and a skeleton that went across and it was a lot of fun," Hoogendyk said.

But word of mouth spread, and soon thousands of kids were coming from all over Sacramento to see it each year.

“The first year that we moved here we went through 3,500 pieces of candy,” Hoogendyk said.

Every Halloween the surrounding streets were clogged with parked cars and too many trick-or-treaters and their parents.

“The lawns were getting kind of messed up. And flowers were getting ruined. It was a little chaotic,” she said.

The neighbors who put up the pirate ships told FOX40 off camera setting up had become too much work, and their own kids are now too old for trick-or-treating.

Hoogendyk said many homes would just go dark on Halloween.

“A lot of people on this street are a little bit older. And to have that big of a crowd it costs a lot of money to buy 3,000 pieces of candy,” she said.

And although the pirate ship will not set sail this year, the people who live on the street say they still want trick-or-treaters -- as long as the kids are from the neighborhood.

That's why Hoogendyk put up a sign saying trick-or-treaters are still welcome.

“We’re just scaling it down,” she said. “If your heart is set on coming to San Ramon then we’ll be here ready.”