Stockton Airport Looks to Rebrand as Part of San Francisco

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STOCKTON (AP) — Stockton Metropolitan Airport officials are looking to add "San Francisco" to its name in a bid to boost its marketability.

Officials at the Stockton airport want to rename their airport the San Francisco Stockton Regional Airport despite Stockton being 83 miles from San Francisco.

Stockton Municipal Airport director Harry Mavrogenes says the problem is no one knows where Stockton is.

Mavrogenes says Stockton is closer to San Francisco than Chicago Rockford International Airport is to Chicago (85 miles), and it's just about as far as Orlando Melbourne International Airport is from Orlando (80 miles).

Tuesday, Mavrogenes stopped the San Joaquin Board of Supervisors from voting on the change so they could first consider a letter from the director of SFO -- who is against the change.