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10,000 Fans Commit to Buy MLS Season Tickets, Republic FC Announces

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SACRAMENTO -- Major League Soccer isn't expected to announce its next round of expansion franchises until mid-December, but the Republic FC and the city of Sacramento are still doing all they can to secure one of the two expansion bids that will be awarded.

The team announced Wednesday that they now have 10,000 commitments from fans to buy season tickets at the MLS level -- should the club be granted expansion rights.

"We think this makes another bold statement, one of many that has been made throughout the last few years in this run to MLS. But one thing that has been constant is our fans, and that's from selling out those very first games at Hughes Stadium to selling out every game this season," said Ben Gumpert with Sac Soccer Entertainment.

It's the latest move by the Republic FC to let the league know just how serious they are about moving up to MLS.

"We are not taking anything for granted. That's what 'Bring It Home' is all about, that we're going to run through the finish line. We don't rest on our laurels. We know we've done a lot, and when I say 'we', it's really about the community and the fans," Gumpert said.

To put those 10,000 commitments into perspective, the new stadium that will be built at the Railyards when expansion is officially granted is projected to be 20,000 seats, so half of the new stadium is already sold more than two years before its anticipated opening.

"We'll probably be at 13 or 14,000 when it comes to a season ticket cap. We know from everything we've seen to date, that it's a number we'd exceed if we allowed it to, but we want to make sure all of our fans have access to every match, so we'll cap it at that number," Gumpert said.

It won't cost you much right now if you're interested in becoming one of the 10,000-plus anxiously anticipating MLS here in Sacramento. It's only $50 to get on the waiting list.