Thieves Caught on Camera Stealing Packages from Stockton Porch

STOCKTON -- Two thieves were caught on camera stealing packages from a Stockton porch. The homeowner shared the footage with FOX40 in the hopes of alerting her neighbors. 

It seemed innocent, a woman walks up to a house and rings the doorbell.

Then it gets odd.

She kicks a package, walks away, and when she comes back it’s clear she is up to no good.

Neighbors FOX40 spoke to were disheartened with what we showed them next.

“It’s shocking, but it’s not shocking, it’s sad. Sad what the world has come to,” said neighbor Cheryl Bishop.

The woman comes back with a man, and the pair help themselves to three large packages. 

“Yeah, just how do you just take a package and you don’t even know, really know what’s in it?” Bishop said.

The homeowner shared surveillance footage captured on Tuesday morning on Presidente Street in north Stockton. 

She says the thieves took three large boxes of dog food, cat food, a dog bed and two pairs of shoes.

All of these things can be replaced, but for her, this is about the brazen theft itself.

The homeowner says the contents were "nothing overly exciting," she just wants to warn neighbors that this could happen to them.

Bishop says she knows the feeling.

“Unfortunately, we had our curtains open, and they seen us upstairs, and the door downstairs was open, and they came right in and took what they wanted,” Bishop said.

The thieves got away in U-haul truck. 

But neighbors say at least they know what could happen, and they can better protect themselves.

“And we learned, don’t leave the curtains no more since they can see if you’re upstairs or downstairs,” Bishop said.

The homeowner has filed a police report.

A spokesman with the Stockton Police Department says so far they have not received any other reports of theft in the neighborhood.