Lincoln Company Creates Compostable Coffee Pod

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LINCOLN -- According to the National Coffee Association, more people are ditching the traditional coffee pot for the more convenient, single-cup brewing system.

But that convenience has a cost.

"Estimates are about 11 billion single serve cups are thrown into a landfill every year. That's 30 million a day, if you want to do the math," Rogers Family Company Vice President Jim Rogers said. "So we're trying to take a piece of that out of the waste cycle."

It took six years to go from research to development to certification, but the Rogers Family Company is the first in the country to go national with a completely compostable coffee pod.

The lid is made of wood pulp, the mesh filter is a plant-based fabric and the ring is made of corn.

"They're all renewable sources, rather than petrochemical plastics," Rogers said.

Starting Thursday, their French roast coffee is available at Costco stores nationwide.

Rogers says composting is a lot easier than many think.

"If you put it into an industrial compostable facility or your green bin at home, it'll work fine there," he said.

Ninety days after it arrives at a compost facility, the pod becomes dirt. Now, Rogers hopes other companies follow suit.

"The hope is that everything is compostable in the future. These new age plastics, if you will, the ones made from plants.Imagine Cliff bars and cereal bags, things like that," Rogers said. "If everyone did this, it would be a much better place. A lot less waste."

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