Lodi Police Look for Help with Fatal Hit-and-Run

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LODI -- It's a normal Thursday afternoon commute for drivers along Victor Road in Lodi, normal except for the fact that police say this Highway 99 overpass holds a mystery now 21 days old -- who hit a man loved ones have identified as Mohammad Maskeen and left him to die in the street?

" I was very sad for him," said Mohammad Saeed. "I don't know why he hit and then run and left."

Maskeen was Saeed's uncle.

Saeed didn't want his face shown as he talked about this family tragedy, but does want the public to know all of this never should have happened.

"Kids, they lost their dad, everybody feel bad for them. Somebody hit and run... that's no good," he said.

The 65-year-old Maskeen was on his bike around 6 a.m. -- less than a mile away from home and just a mile away from starting his next shift at All State Packers -- when a truck plowed into him.

"We have our fair share of hit-and-runs here in Lodi, but they typically don't involve a vehicle versus a pedestrian or a vehicle versus a bicycle," said Lodi Police Officer Jerry Bahr.

Investigators have pulled an image of the suspect's truck from surveillance tape recorded at a nearby gas station.

"The truck shown in the photo did stop for a few seconds before then taking off eastbound," said Bahr.

"I would just like the citizens here in Lodi, if they know anything, to just reach out and give us a call at dispatch, and just let us know anything that can help us get some closure for this gentleman who was struck and killed," Bahr said.

Family members say Maskeen was a hard-working Pakistani immigrant who moved to Lodi about 18 months ago.

He liked visiting with shop keeps in a nearby strip mall after work and doting on his two daughters.

He should be in back in Pakistan right now with one of them as she gets married.

Instead she will have to start her new life without him as police search for the driver who killed the father of the bride.