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Local Overdose Survivor Reacts to President Trump’s Announcement on Opioid Crisis

As a chaplain, Michele Zumwalt has personally seen the opioid crisis worsen over the years. and shes seen the pain it causes families.

"It really doesn't matter your race, your socioeconomic background - it kills all of us," said Zumwalt.

Over a decade ago she almost became part of the troubling trend when she overdosed on pain pills in 2003.

"I almost died. My lungs filled with fluid," Said Zumwalt.

Zumwalt says her addiction started soon after a doctor prescribed her demerol for chronic headaches.

She says her addiction started fast.

Eventually her family intervened and she recovered. But she knows not everyone gets that lucky.

That's why shes hopeful after hearing President Trump announce a nationwide health emergency over the opioid crisis -- hopeful it might save some lives.

Zumwalt hopes her story helps inspire others.

She also wrote a book about her experience overcoming addiction.