California’s New Gas Tax Takes Effect Wednesday to Mixed Feelings Among Drivers

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MODESTO -- California's gas tax, increasing the cost of a gallon by 12 cents, takes effect on November 1.

The bill signed by Governor Jerry Brown calls for over $52 billion dollars over the next decade to help fund road repair projects.

"Kinda scary that the fuel prices will be going up substantially, but I just hope it goes to what they say it’s going to go to. But I’m not looking forward to it," driver Mike French said.

Knowing the extra money is going toward fixing streets makes it easier for some drivers to accept the tax, many still search for ways to combat the higher prices.

"I've got some discount cards so I’ll be using them every time I can. It’s the only thing I can do or buy a more gas efficient vehicle, but I don’t see that happening," driver Douglas Welsch said.

Jerry Surber drives an RV for travel, and says the tax won't  keep him from hitting the road.

"If you can’t afford to buy the gas for it, then you really can’t afford it," he said. "What’s 12 cents when you’re traveling? You just have to pay the price. I realize why, but I don’t like it."

Drivers don't find much to like about the new tax, but they know there isn't much to do about it.

"We gotta have it. We are held hostage to our vehicles," Welsch said. "There is nothing we can do about it. Just make it work? Yes, unfortunately yes."

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