14-Year-Old Sets Up Haunted House to Raise Money for Eagle Scout Project

FOLSOM -- You've heard the phrase labor of love -- well, meet 14-year-old George Gonzalez.

"I've got some body parts and stuff in here," he said.

For him, this is sort of a labor of blood -- a neighborhood haunted house he started working on back when most of us were still looking for the closest swimming pool.

"Since September, late August," he said.

Gonzalez is one of those kids whose mind is always spinning, and this time of year, he really lets it all hang out.

"I just really love Halloween. It gives me an excuse to build cool things like this fence. I really love building things, so this is basically me expressing myself," Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez is also working to become an Eagle Scout. So this haunted house has a special purpose -- to raise money for the project he'll need to do to get that rank. He's thinking about something for visitors at the Nimbus Dam.

So he'll be asking visitors to his haunted house tonight for donations. Of course, the kids will be welcome to come get a little spooky whether they donate or not.But be warned, the candy is strategically located in back.

Which did leave one question unanswered: If he's manning the haunted house, how's he going to get any candy?

"I have three sisters so if they get a lot of candy, I'll get some of their spoils," he said.

The haunted house is at 103 Yankton Street in Folsom.