New Case of Hateful Graffiti Investigated at Davis High School

DAVIS -- The Davis Police Department is investigating a hate incident at Davis Senior High School involving graffiti found Tuesday morning inside the boys bathroom of the library.

“The content of the graffiti included the 'N word' and the context was hateful toward a specific race, so we treat it as a hate incident,” explained Davis Police Lt. Paul Doroshov.

Last week, at the same high school, a swastika and an anti-Semitic slogan were found on a boys bathroom wall. Swastikas were also found posted anonymously on an app designed for reporting bullying at the school.

Lt. Doroshov said the Davis Police Department investigates such incidents aggressively because of the harm they do to a community.

“This community does not stand for it," Doroshov said. "This police department does not stand for it.”

In response to last week's incidents, the Davis Joint Unified District issued a statement saying: "This type of activity is not tolerated by DJUSD and runs counter to the principles of inclusion to which we ascribe. And we share this information with our parent community in order to reinforce this message."

Reached by phone Tuesday night about the latest incident, Davis Joint Unified spokesperson Maria Clayton said the district is taking it very seriously. Staff notified police when the graffiti was discovered and launched an internal investigation.

The Davis Police Department is encouraging members of the public to come forward if they have tips about any of these incidents.

Most Davis High School students who spoke with FOX40 Tuesday night said the hateful graffiti does not represent the true nature of their community, which they described as welcoming. Some, however, said these incidents have happened here before, but are now being reported.