Two People Posing as Law Enforcement Officers, Sheriff’s Department Warns

STANISLAUS COUNTY -- For some families, the only thing scarier than the fake ghouls and goblins perched on homes are what the sheriff's department says a couple of tricksters are doing on the streets of Stanislaus County.

"That's very scary, very scary. Especially since I'm a mother and I'm very inclined to see if it's an officer on the side of the road, you know, maybe stop," said Ceres resident Alexandria Goodnight.

The sheriff's department reports two people are posing as law enforcement officers in a newer, white Chevy car with red and blue emergency lights.

Deputies say the duo has been spotted in Denair and Turlock.

"It's a little scary, intimidating," said Vanessa Ruelas.

So what do you do if you're face-to-face with a potentially fake cop?

Deputies advise drivers to obey all traffic laws, slow down and drive to the nearest well-lit area with lots of people around.

"Slow down, put your emergency lights on and call the police department," Ruelas said.

Deputies add, if the vehicle is marked, it's most likely the real deal.

"Be careful because sometimes you know, good intentions turn out to be, people take advantage of that. It's very scary," Goodnight said.