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Wavy Metal Structure along Sacramento River is New Art Installation

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WEST SACRAMENTO -- A new, shiny, metal structure under construction along the Sacramento has some West Sacramento residents baffled.

"Quite the mystery," neighbor Christine Amey said. "You can see the metal poking through the tarps so I was like, 'What is that?'"

Amey, who lives in the Broderick neighborhood, snapped some photos and started a thread on NextDoor.

"Some lady posted a picture of a fish, that could possibly be that, and I thought maybe it could be a big salmon, that would look gorgeous," Amey said.

Sorry, it's not a fish.

It's an abstract art installation from renowned Czech-Argentinian artist Federico Diaz called "Subtle." When it's done, it will be 26 feet long, nine feet wide and feature 34,000 stainless steel plates dangling around it.

"My opinion is that people will imagine something between a nest, error, and mistake in the space that produces something positive for the future," Diaz said.

The 20-ton art piece was originally created in Prague but it was dismantled to be shipped, reassembled and displayed in West Sacramento.

But you won't see Diaz helping reconstruct his more than half-million dollar art piece. He doesn't have American contractor's insurance to cover possible damages. So for the next two weeks, he's overseeing local construction workers as they rebuild his vision.

"They are smart so they know everything," he said of the crews rebuilding his piece.

Neighbors see this as the first big step to revamping the Bridge District.

"This just feeds that uniqueness of our neighborhood and art, and I think we’re going to see a lot more of that," Amey said.

It was funded with a $400,000 state grant aimed to bring art to areas with low-income housing, plus $200,000 in developer fees. The grand unveiling is in two weeks.

"Over time, you'll see all along the river, sculptures and other forms of art, that will really be bringing to life, to a place that we treasure so much along the river," West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon said.

"Subtile" will be along the river permanently.