Grandfather of Baby Justice Says Parents of Frank Rees Should be Prosecuted in Infant’s Death

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SACRAMENTO -- There's still no justice for Baby Justice.

That's what Randy Green, the grandfather of Baby Justice, believes.

The 19-day-old baby boy froze to death two years ago, after his mother abandoned him in a Yolo County slough, while she was high on methamphetamine.

Samantha Green was convicted of second-degree murder and is serving a 15-year-to-life sentence.

The baby's father, Frank Rees, pleaded no contest on Wednesday to charges of involuntary manslaughter for providing Baby Justice's mother with the drugs.

He is looking at serving six years behind bars.

But Randy Green says Rees' parents should also face charges.

He believes they were aware of the drug use because Rees and Green lived in their home.

"Thirty years these people were social workers. They're trained to spot elder abuse, child abuse, drug addiction. They're trained to spot this stuff when they go into people's homes," Randy Green said.

Green said he made a vow to his grandson that he would not rest until everyone responsible for his death is held accountable.

He says the district attorney's job isn't done.

"With the picture of my grandson and talking about resting in peace. He can't rest in peace. In order for him to rest in peace, you need to charge all people that were involved in the death of my grandson. And there was four," Randy Green said.

A spokesman for the Yolo County District Attorney's Office said there are no plans right now to pursue charges against France Rees' parents.

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