Police Looking for Suspects After Pepper-Spraying Incident at Stockton Spirit Halloween Store

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STOCKTON -- As customers shuffle in and out of the Spirit Store on West Hammer Lane in Stockton, some are just finding out the chaos that took place there on Halloween afternoon.

"There was so many people and they were all outside, and I didn't know what was going on," said Judi, who asked FOX40 not to share her last name.

She saw the uproar that flooded the parking lot.

"And then I heard an ambulance and a fire truck come in, but I never knew what happened," she said.  "It scared me. I thought something bad was happening."

The Stockton Police Department reports that three people walked into this Spirit store, stole some items and then used pepper spray on one person, but the residual of the chemical ended up harming other customers in the store.

"Puts me on guard now," said Stockton resident Nicholas Kelly-Gonzales.

The Stockton Police Department says so far no security footage has been obtained from the store. However, when FOX40 went inside the store, our reporter did notice security cameras.

Police did say that some witnesses got a good look at the suspects. One of them has been described as a heavyset woman with an amputated hand.

While the robbery alarmed many shoppers, Judi says it won't completely prevent her from shopping there.

"But you see where I'm at, I had to believe in the Lord that he's going to take good care of me, and he did," she said.

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