Are You Ready for Wet Weather?

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SACRAMENTO -- A soggy weekend is coming whether you like it or not.

"I don't like getting wet -- my hair," said Carolynn Brower.

The dry conditions will take a turn for the damp as a storm moves into the region. It's tough for some to adjust from the 80 degree temperatures we saw just last week to pulling out rain boots.

"We had a picnic planned, but I guess we're not going to it now," said Sacramento resident Salena Hinojosa.

But experts want everyone to prepare. Cleaning out gutters is one step to help homeowners in the long run.

Steve Brandt owns a gutter services business. He suggests unplugging downspouts and making sure gutters are free-flowing. If not it'll cost you.

"It could fill up with water, it can cave the face in if it's not attached to the house properly, which is a common occurrence, it can pull the gutter away from the house," Brandt said.

It's not just important to prepare the outside of your home but also the inside.

Metro Fire says one in six electrical fires are caused by heating appliances.

Maintaining your chimney, fireplace, not overloading outlets and even dusting can help prevent fires.

"When you have a central air system or forced air system those can collect dust over the summer months, then when you turn your furnace on that dust can cause a combustion," said Metro Fire Captain Chris Vestal.

Hinojosa admits she's not ready for the rain, but says getting the car is prepped with good tires and cleaning the gutters are tasks for her husband.

"I'll watch from down below thank you," she said.

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