Clint Eastwood Spotted Filming in Sacramento

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SACRAMENTO -- "It's been a great week for film making in Sacramento," Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg said.

"It's finally making Sacramento the city it was supposed to be," said Sacramento resident Brent Sands.

Clint Eastwood is in town for his movie on Sacramento's hometown heroes.

Actress Greta Gerwin, a Sacramento native, premiered  her latest movie at the Tower Theatre earlier this week -- a film she wrote and directed.

Both stars are putting Sacramento on the big screen.

"Sacramento is becoming a destination city for arts, entertainment and culture," Steinberg said.

Steinberg is beaming with pride, hoping these movies lead to more opportunity.

"That's our obligation, right? To invest in arts education so we are teaching and encouraging the next generation of actors and actresses and painters and theater artists," Steinberg said.

From the city's architecture to the trees the city is known for, Sacramento Film Commissioner Lucy Steffens says the variety of locations is what makes the capital city attractive to film makers.

"Whenever we get that on a national screen, that's always a plus for us, and hopefully we'll attract other filming for us here in our area," Steffens said.

It certainly helps when three of the region's locals, Alek Skarlatos, Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler, are at the very center of Eastwood's film, which is bringing the heroes' story to the big screen.

The trio of friends helped thwart a terrorist attack on a train bound for Paris, by taking down a heavily armed suspect.

Many locals are thrilled to know their hometown will be highlighted in what's expected to be a blockbuster film.

"If you've never been here before, I might wanna go there. The arena, big name Clint Eastwood, you know," said Sacramento resident Lamar Porter.

"The arena being built, they're trying to work on the Silicon Valley deals, bringing those locations out here. Finally making Sacramento the capital it's supposed to be. It's been a big-little city all these years," Sands said.

There's a deep-rooted feeling of pride for the capital city.

"I love Sacramento."

Pride so many hope will keep that momentum going.

"We have to earn it. We have to keep going. Keep working to attract industry, more high-waged jobs," Steinberg said.

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