Officials Warn Cascade Fire Victims of Potential Dangers That Could Come with Weekend Storm

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YUBA COUNTY -- Officials in  Yuba County are warning residents in fire burn areas about the potential dangers of this weekend's storm.

Dan Peterson is an engineer with Yuba County, he says there are three major concerns ahead of the rainfall for Cascade Fire victims.

  1. The storm could knock down hazardous trees, which are either dead or dying. They could come down on powerlines or on homes.
  2. Ash and other debris could clog  storm drains, head to the local watershed, and possibly contaminate water in the area.
  3. Burn areas are extremely inefficient at absorbing rainwater, so with the hillside grade at 20 percent or greater, erosion could occur.

"This fire occurred in a very hilly area. Some of those very steep slopes have been stripped of vegetation and are now going to be susceptible to erosion, and we have been working with property owners trying to show them the best ways to protect those slopes," Peterson said.

The anticipation of the storm is also causing residents to be a little proactive.

Susan Degraff was sifting through the ashes of her burned home on Douglas Way.

She was searching for a family ring, but with the storm coming, she and family were also covering certain areas of her former home because she says it will be much harder to look after this weekend's storm.

"Just covering up, getting ready for this rain so we don't have muck there when we come back in Sunday to sift," Degraff said.

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