Businesses Rush to Keep Up with Early Snowfall in the Sierra

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 TRUCKEE -- Whenever an early snow falls, there has always been someone at the Donner Summit rest stop dressed in shorts and a T-shirt.

"I knew you guys would make fun of me, but it's not actually cold," said Tom Gibson, who was driving to Reno from Sutter County Friday. "It's just blowing and snow."

Gibson actually has the snow pants, boots and parka in his truck, but he said he just didn't need them.

"I'm in a heated four-wheel drive, I'm good to go," he said.

Earlier Friday, trucks were also good to go over Donner Summit. However, many drivers, like Ryan Kusiak, were not so sure about what could happen later in the evening.

"I'm going to be up here in Truckee 'til probably 9 o'clock tonight, and so concerned about getting back down to the valley," Kusiak said.

With more snow expected to fall into the night, he was racing against the clock.

"This is zero hour, Mother Nature is coming early this year," said Carrie Hoyt.

Hoyt and her six employees at Cascade Snow Removal were rushing to beat the snow as it was dumping in the Serene Lakes neighborhood.

"We feel a little bit like squirrels right now," Hoyt said.

Sugar Bowl Ski Resort and other area resorts were also getting a good dusting of snow, and most hoped it would be enough to attract skiers and boarders. After the long summer many FOX40 spoke with were happy winter weather was finally here.

"It's a big relief yea, I'm tired of mowing the yard," Gibson said.

An average winter at Serene Lakes is 500 inches of snow. Last year, 20-foot high snow banks covered the area. Many say they hope this winter brings just as much snow.

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