Modesto Man Punches Suspected Carjacker in the Face Before Calling Police

Warning: Video below contains cellphone footage that some may find disturbing.

MODESTO -- It was a Halloween horror for one Modesto man, who says someone tried to take his car Tuesday as he was heading out for last minute decorations.

The victim of the attempt, who asked to remain anonymous for safety reasons, said he punched the suspected carjacker, Timothy Dodd, in the face before following him in his car to ensure no one else was approached as well.

"I get to my car door, sit down in my car, he turns around and stands in front of my car, tells me, ‘I need you to give me a ride,'" the victim said.

After telling Dodd he was in a hurry, the victim said the situation near Laramie Drive and Lakewood Avenue escalated.

The victim motioned for Dodd to move, but then said Dodd made his way to the driver side door, pulling on it and yelling for the victim to get out of the car because he was going to take it. With his window rolled down, the victim punched Dodd in the face then drove away.

"You know, it was kind of instinctive to be honest with you," the victim told FOX40. "Once he reached for the door, I knew the man was serious, and so I had to do something. It was kind of instinctive and my first reaction was just to hit the guy in the face."

Dodd walked away and the man who delivered the punch said he drove away before circling back toward his home.

"This was Halloween, there’s families out there with children and I didn’t want this to happen to anybody else while they were out there, especially with the kids out there," the victim said.

The man said he followed behind for several minutes while on the phone with police, watching Dodd engage in conversation with several families on the street.

An officer arrived and asked Dodd to stop several times, which is when the man took out his phone and recorded Dodd getting shocked twice with a stun gun.

"You can’t really tell in the footage, but the officer, again, yelled another three to four times," the man told FOX40. "It had to have been a half dozen times he’s telling the guy to stop."

Dodd was eventually arrested for suspected carjacking and will appear in court next week for the charge. Dodd’s sister told FOX40 she has reached out to the victim and apologized on her brother’s behalf. She said she was shocked by the video footage, especially seeing her brother hit twice with the Taser when it appears he was just walking.

Modesto police said carjacking is a violent crime and, because Dodd did not comply with requests to stop, they could not determine what dangers he posed to others.

The victim said he has started to question the safety of the neighborhood, with this incident coming just down the street from where a 5-year-old was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting last weekend.