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Sacramento Company Sells ‘Vegas Strong’ Hats to Help Victims of Las Vegas Shooting

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SACRAMENTO -- A local Sacramento business is stepping up to help the victims of the Vegas concert shooting.

Bart "Biscuit" Godinez has owned Down n' Dirty Hats for more than 15 years. He travels the United States, going from one concert venue to another.

A month ago, his company was the exclusive hat vendor for the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

"It all came in waves," Godinez said. "The second wave they were running, that's when it all settled in to us and we noticed this is very bad."

In total, 58 people were killed and hundreds were injured during the shooting.

Godinez had worked the festival before and said he tried his best to lead people out.

"I was used to being around a lot of people. I knew exactly where the exit was right away," he said. "So, instead of leaving my booth I kind of just veered people out towards the exit to show them, because there was so much hysteria going on they were just running into each other, it was total chaos."

His booth remains in the shadows of the Mandalay Bay, his merchandise all under police control.

While waiting to receive his hats back, an idea came to mind.

"Immediately, right after that I had something in me telling me, 'Man, I need to do something to help the people,'" Godinez said. "My business is hats, the most logical thing I can do is make a hat and see how I can tie that in with helping."

The hats, which are going for $38, are one size fits all with stars and stripes on the bottom and, of course, "Vegas Strong" on the brim.

For every 25 hats sold a $500 dollar check goes to someone injured during the shooting. Last week, the company gave out their first check to a woman named Gia, who broke her leg during the shooting. The next check goes out Wednesday.