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Travelers Head to the Sierra to Celebrate the Snow

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SODA SPRINGS -- There are a couple of guarantees that come with the first big snow of the season -- beautiful views, traffic on Interstate 80 and unprepared visitors.

Dedicated snow lovers drove to the Sierra despite the freezing temperatures and icy winds just to enjoy the winter-like weather.

"The whole way up here all we were talking about is how beautiful it looks just to see all the snow," said Lane Field of Rocklin. "It's been so hot in Sacramento, so to come up here and get away from that is super nice."

For some, the trip to the mountains was especially exciting.

"I've never seen or touched snow before," said Dung Nguyen, who trekked to Donner Summit from the Bay Area to change that.

Bare hands didn't stop Nguyen from snapping pictures to remember the experience.

"It's cold, it's a lot colder than you see in the movies I think," he said.

A first for Nguyen is a typical day for Caltrans. Their advice for drivers hitting the road this weekend was to check the weather first to know what to expect, then make sure brakes, windshield wipers and tires are in good condition. When enforced, chain control will stop drivers without chains or four-wheel drive and have them turn around.

With snow expected on and off in the Sierra throughout the weekend it's best to be prepared and leave the shorts at home.