Caltrans Warns Travelers: ‘Be Careful’ as Storm Moves Through the Sierra

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TRUCKEE -- At an elevation of 5,300 feet the snow still had yet to fall, and that was fooling travelers.

"Well, the problem with this storm is that it doesn't look terrible out right now because it's raining, but we've had multiple rollovers in the area today," said Caltrans Supervisor Richard Wesson.

Wesson and a team of emergency responders were on Interstate 80 Saturday with one of those accidents.

"We believe it is speed related and weather conditions," Wesson said.

The car landed upside down at the bottom of an embankment. A woman inside got out, but there was a man still trapped. Emergency crews were able to see him and talk to him, but they could not treat him and they knew he needed to be taken to a hospital.

The team called for the Jaws of life, which look like hydraulic pincers and separate collapsed steel. They are a brute force tool firefighters will use to peel the door of a wrecked car completely away.

With the door out of the way, medics were able get to their patient. They loaded him onto a backboard stretcher and four men carried him, climbing a hill to a waiting ambulance and leaving behind a car that started the day in a much different condition.

"Be careful," Wesson said. "Because while the roads just look wet and OK to drive, it is very slippery out here."

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