Couple Scrambling 2 Weeks Before Wedding after North Highlands Party Rental Company Unexpectedly Closes Its Doors

NORTH HIGHLANDS -- A party rental company in North Highlands unexpectedly closed their doors, leaving one couple scrambling for answers just two weeks before their big day.

Jamisha Wilcoxen's fantasy proposal in San Francisco came in 2015, four years after meeting Megan Pryor.

Having spent the last two years in careful planning, they got their bands, reserved the outdoor space for their ceremony at Crawford's Barn and thought they had all the tables, linens and plates they would need to fill the inside space with an elegant reception for 80.

Now they feel part of their big plan for their big day has been trashed, right along with what is left of the company that was contracted to provide those supplies.

"I'm in shock," Wilcoxen said. "It's a lot to handle in 15 days. I have 15 days before the wedding."

Checking off her to-do list, the bride-to-be realized she'd forgotten to order champagne flutes and tried to stop by America's Party Rental in North Highlands. She found it closed during normal business hours and heard the same message FOX40 did when calling the store's number.

Wilcoxen and her fiance have been paying on their rental contract for months. With a wedding just two weeks away, they'd recently paid the contract off and now don't know what to think. They said they were never notified of any store closure or contacted about a refund or substitute supplies.

"I cried once," Wilcoxen said. "I called her at work and had to break her heart and she cried at work."

The store owner has yet to return FOX40's calls and message requests for comment about what happened to his part of Wilcoxen and Pryor's happily ever after.