Cars Vandalized, Pumpkins Smashed in West Sacramento Neighborhood

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WEST SACRAMENTO -- Residents of a West Sacramento neighborhood are furious after vandals smashed pumpkins, tagged cars with permanent markers and poured oil over vehicles and walkways. The rash of pranks hit several blocks and does not have anyone in the Linden Loop neighborhood laughing.

Those who live on Diane Drive are cleaning up after being hit by a group of pranksters.

"The Praise Jesus Oil Bandits," said Carrie Pepper, whose cars were vandalized.

It's a nickname neighbors gave the group for the messages they wrote on cars and for the mess of oil they left behind.

"Just a clear glob of something. Looked like when you walked out you wanted to slip and fall and break your neck," said Dan Megarry, whose driveway had oil on it.

Megarry only noticed the oil patch because it wasn't mixing with the rainwater.

"I came out and put my foot in it and just slid clear across it," Megarry said. "...somebody could have got hurt right here."

"We came out yesterday morning and written across the back of Kevin's tailgate in blue magic marker was: 'Praise Jesus,'" Pepper said.

She and her husband laughed about the message, but the fun stopped when they tried to remove it.

"Trying to clean it off, he slipped and almost fell down and realized that they had poured motor oil behind his truck tires," she said.

Oil the Peppers believe came in a container that was left in their trashcan.

Across Linden Road, more cars were tagged on Aylesbury Court -- handwriting the Peppers say is the same as that they found on their cars.

"I've seen some pumpkins being smashed on our court," said neighbor Ron Raglen.

It's unclear if there's a connection, but the kids who smashed the pumpkins seem unaware they were caught on home surveillance.

The vandals also put oil on several cars and windshields.

"And he turned the wipers on and just this smear of oil on the windshield. So now he has to buy whole new wipers as well," Pepper said.

The fire department had to come out to clean all the oil left in the Peppers' driveway with sand.

While speaking with us, they discovered two more of their cars had been hit.

"There's some here," she said.

The cost of fixing the car paint and cleaning it up has these neighbors hoping the pranksters' parents recognize them and teach them a lesson.

"If they don't learn now, they're going to end up in juvenile hall," Pepper said. "Smaller pranks turn into bigger ones."

The West Sacramento police say they are investigating the Diane Drive cases, but unfortunately no one reported the other vandalism to them. They encourage everyone to report damage done, no matter how small.