Sacramento City Unified School District Moves to Block Teacher Strike Planned for Wednesday

SACRAMENTO -- The Sacramento City Unified School District has asked a state labor board to block a teacher strike planned for Wednesday, a spokesperson with the school district said.

Sacramento City Unified School District spokesperson Alex Barrios confirmed to FOX40 that the school district will be filing an injunction Monday morning with the California Public Employment Relations Board.

The injunction by the district is an attempt to block the teacher strike, which could see nearly 3,000 teachers out of their respective classrooms.

"There is differences of opinion about what is a legal strike and what is not a legal strike, and so we leave it to the courts and those who understand that to figure that out, but there's still opportunity here over the next three days to try to work something out," Barrios said.

The district and the teachers union met this weekend to continue negotiations without an agreement reached.

Negotiations have been going on all year between the union and the district regarding teacher salaries and classroom sizes.

The district says they'll offer substitute teachers $500 a day if the strike happens Wednesday -- a typical substitute teacher makes $150 to $200 a day.

The district says that a traditional teacher on salary would cost the district on average just below $500 when health care and other costs are involved.

"Again, a lot of money, but whatever we have to do to keep those doors open for those kids if we get to that point," Barrios said.

The teachers union did not return FOX40's call for comment Sunday evening.

Negotiations are expected to continue before Wednesday's teachers strike deadline.