Local Churches Discuss Security Following Deadly Texas Shooting

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ROSEVILLE -- Life Community Church in Roseville says everyone who walks through their doors gets a warm welcome coupled with a good amount of scrutiny.

Head of security Ken Lomax says whether they are uniformed or in plain clothes, stationed in the hallways, kids areas or sanctuary, his staff is always looking for potential threats. And, if necessary, they're ready to meet deadly force with deadly force.

“We normally have a staff of 20 to 30 and at any given time at least half of them are armed,” said Lomax.

Lomax says their security measures are proactive and they’ve never had a violent security incident. Still, incidents like Sunday’s church massacre in Sutherland Springs, Texas, have him and the staff on higher alert.

Former FBI agent and current security consultant Don Vilfer says houses of worship have valid cause for concern.

Large churches like Life Community with congregations over 800, often have money to hire security staff.  But Vilfer says houses of worship with fewer resources do still have options.

“Smaller churches could have a plan, what are we going to do if something like this happens? Develop a plan so they’re not developing it on the fly,” said Vilfer.

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