Local Survivor of Las Vegas Shooting Reacts to Texas Tragedy

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SACRAMENTO -- Davina Garcia was at the Route 91 Harvest festival last month when gunman Stephen Paddock opened fire from his hotel room overlooking the event, killing 58 people and injuring hundreds of others.

Since then, it's been a slow return to normalcy until Sunday. Images from Sutherland Springs, Texas, where a gunman opened fire at a church and killed 26 people. Garcia said seeing the news brought back memories of what happened in Las Vegas, and it's been tough.

"Whether its the concert or the church, you just never know where anything like that is gonna happen, of where it's gonna happen," she told FOX40 on Monday.

She offered advice to survivors and loved ones of victims in Sunday's church shooting.

"Look for your loved ones, they're there for you. And friends. Talk about it," Garcia said. "People are there for you. You're not alone."

Such a terrible thing to happen at what is supposed to be a safe, sacred place hits home with local clergy.

"We heal and assist in their healing by our own love and our own prayers," Father Hezekias Carnazzo said. "I encourage those seeing these things to stand with our brothers in Texas."

Father Carnazzo is with the Saint George Melkite Greek-Catholic Church in Sacramento. He had is own take on how to cope.

"Never respond with hatred and violence, but always respond as our lord did with forgiveness and love," he said.

Garcia said it's important not to shy away from public gatherings like church or big concerts out of fear. If people did, she says, the Stephen Paddocks of the world would "win."

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