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Former Rep. Doug Ose Weighs Gubernatorial Run for Governor

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SACRAMENTO -- Doug Ose's last hat toss into the political ring ended with that hat being handed to him in a contentious contest with now third-time U.S. Rep. Ami Bera.

But Ose, a former congressman himself, is proving to be the eternal optimist, now three weeks in to consideration for a potential gubernatorial run.

"If you want to change things you gotta get in the game, especially when the players that are in there now aren't doing what needs to be done," he said from his dinner table Tuesday night.

What does the operator of Gibson Ranch and staunch republican see as the problem with California's current state of affairs?

"After eight years of watching from the sidelines, I'm saddened to see where we are, whether its homelessness or new taxes or performance in our schools or the cost of housing, high-speed rail that nobody's gonna use. I'm just tired and disappointed of what it is that's coming forward," Ose said.

Ose says if he does run, he'll bring what he calls common sense solutions to everyday problems that people care about, like poorly-maintained roads and high gas prices -- adding that even in a blue state, checks and balances have to be enforced.

Already declared for the fight to fill the seat Jerry Brown will leave behind are Orange County state assemblyman Republican Travis Allen and state treasurer John Chiang, a democrat.

Ose has the same question for them as he does any 'establishment' politico.

"Do you really think somebody's gonna vote for you after what you've done?" he asked.

Ose hasn't hinted when his consideration period might evolve into a firm decision about candidacy.

Several others have already announced they're definitely in.

They are California's Lieutenant Governor democrat Gavin Newsom, former L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa who is also a democrat and democrat Delaine Eastin.

She's a former assemblywoman and who is the only woman to be elected California's superintendent of public instruction.

Across the aisle, republican venture capitalist John Cox is running and libertarian writer and real estate investor Zoltan Istvan.