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Man Arrested after Exposing Himself at 2 Schools, Rehab Center in Stockton

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STOCKTON -- The Stockton Police Department arrested a 47-year-old man after he exposed himself in public at three different locations Thursday morning.

A good Samaritan listening to a scanner helped Stockton police arrest the sexual assault suspect.

“Cops handling the arrest you know, Ice Man handling this ... " said Scott Marquez, also known as the Ice Man.

Marquez can be seen on surveillance video from a home on Bixby Way getting 47-year-old Donald Kendrick to surrender.

“Identified himself as a police officer and then exposed himself,” said Joe Silva with the Stockton Police Department.

Stockton police say Kendrick exposed himself to a woman at Elk Horn Elementary.

Then they say he drove to Wagner Hold Elementary and did the same thing to another woman.

That is where things turned violent.

Police say Kendrick dragged that woman into a driveway and said he was going to rape her so she defended herself.

“That's exactly what she did. The woman, doing the right thing, hit him,” Silva said.

Police say Kendrick's second victim punched him in the face and got away.

“We got some girl out there with a mean left hook,” Marquez said.

Even so, police say Kendrick was still able to expose himself to a third woman at the Wagner Heights Rehab Facility before police found him. When he drove away, police and Marquez followed.

Guess who caught up to him first?

“He sized me up, I sized him up and I said let's go. This is my town, too, baby,  and you ain’t takin' it from me. I mean that’s really how I feel ...  He got on the ground,” Marquez said.

Just like that, the man police say brazenly attacked a woman caught on camera cowering down to a man.

“Two of us today, we fought back and we won,” Marquez said.

Kendrick is charged with attempted sexual assault, several counts of indecent exposure and impersonating a police officer -- all felonies.

His bail is set at $1.7 million.

“I did my part and I hope everyone else will too," Marquez said.