Rancho Cordova Reports Over 30 Percent Drop in Crime

RANCHO CORDOVA -- Rancho Cordova police are reporting a a 30 percent drop in crime.

The significant decrease includes violent crimes and property crimes, adjusted for population increase between 2011 and 2016.

Police Chief Chris Pittman says the numbers are no surprise.

"It was very nice to see that information, but we have been monitoring the data, we do it monthly and we were trending downward," Pittman said.

Pittman says his department had the biggest drop in crime in the Sacramento region during that time period.

For example, the department reported one murder in 2016 compared to five in 2011 and 305 burglaries in 2016 compared to 498 in 2011.

Pittman says crime is down across the board, but credits the drop to the crime suppression unit, which focuses on proactive policing.

In 2015, the department started a bait package program that helps catch package thieves during the busy holiday season.